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Unique Nursing Jobs: The Top Most Uncommon Out There

Did you know that there are unique nursing jobs beyond those that you already know? Most of us are familiar with opportunities in hospitals, medical offices, and clinics, but beyond that, there are a variety of positions that nurses can explore for a passionfilled career.

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The field of healthcare is always growing, especially since the advent of COVID19, and the need for nurses in less typical roles has grown as well. Here are some of the 35 unique nursing jobs you might not know exist:

Infusion Nursing Jobs a Specialty Working with Chemotherapy

Infusion nursing jobs are responsible for administering IV medications to patients in outpatient settings. These infusions range from medications for bone disorders to chemotherapy.

Depending on the setting, infusion nurses may also draw blood and set up chemotherapy pumps. According to ZipRecruiter, Infusion nurses make an average of $82,827 annually.

Holistic Nursing Jobs Bring Eastern Medicine to the West

Holistic nursing jobs work in the practice of Integrative Health, combining traditional Western medicine with alternative practices for complete, overall patient care. While a more advanced degree may help with career development in this specialty, it‘s not required.

This is a competitive specialty and the national average salary is $84,726 per year, according to ZipRecruiter.

Parish Nursing Jobs Meld Your Work to Your Faith

Parish nursing jobs are with employers of faithbased communities like churches to provide medical and spiritual care to their congregation. They may be found in hospitals, community centers, or do home visits. This job position pays approximately fifty thousand dollars annually.

Nursing Jobs with Extreme Uniqueness: Enteral Nursing

Enteral nursing jobs are a highly specialized niche. These nurses provide care for patients who have had gastrostomy tubes placed or have had bariatric surgery, helping with followup care and assessment. According to, a Parenteral/Enteral Nurse makes between $84.3 thousand dollars to 107 thousand dollars per year.

Amusement Park Nursing Jobs Where the Thrills Never Stop

You can work at an amusement park and use your nursing skills! Amusement park nurses are tasked with handling a wide range of medical issues, including heart attacks and bee stings. Nurses at these venues typically make the same rate as EMTs and medics, with an average of $35 per hour.

Lots More Truly Unique Nursing Jobs

There are many more unique nursing jobs out there beyond those listed here. You can read the full article to find out more. Nursing is a fulfilling and rewarding profession, and if youre looking for a change, you may find just what youre looking for in one of these unique nursing jobs. With the right training and knowledge, and a fierce passion for the field, you could find your niche and be an asset to your patients and your employers.


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