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Trucking Jobs That Will Make You a Fortune in 2023

Trucking Jobs are an essential part of the global economy, and for some, it‘s an incredibly lucrative profession. The demand for experienced drivers is always high, and those who choose a career on the open roads can often find themselves earning handsome salaries.

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Top Paying Trucking Job: Owner/Operators

Breaking down the 10 highest-paying trucking jobs of 2023, owner/operators occupy the top spot at an impressive $323,870 a year. This salary reflects a combination of factors, such as managing expenses, finding loads, and seeing to it that employees are being paid on time.

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2nd Highest Paying Trucking Job: Ice Road Drivers

Coming in at a close 2nd is an ice road driver, earning $66,917 a year. This job requires the most skill and is considered to be one of the toughest jobs in Trucking. As a result, ice road drivers must constantly be on the lookout for hazardous conditions.

3rd Highest Paying Trucking Job: Oversized Load Drivers

Third on the list is an oversized load driver, who can earn up to $71,091 annually. This job includes delivering extremely large pieces of equipment from one location to another, and therefore, an oversized load driver requires a high level of skill when maneuvering such heavy loads.

4th HIghest Paying Trucking Job: Specialty Vehicle Hauler

Number 4 is a specialty vehicle hauler, pulling in $78,490 a year. Specialty vehicle haulers transport high-value items such as collectibles and luxury cars, and in order to do this successfully they must be adept at keeping their loads secure and safe.

5th HIghest Paying Trucking Job: Team Drivers

Finally, team truck drivers take Number Five on the list, bringing in $101,079 annually. Typically a team consists of two drivers in the same truck, each taking turns at the wheel to keep their load moving at all times.

Trucking Jobs: and MORE!

Other commercial trucking jobs on the list include local dump truck operators, hazardous material handlers, international long-haul drivers, and flatbed operators. All of these jobs can help drivers earn above-average salaries for the industry.

Trucking Jobs: In Conclusion

At the same time, potential drivers must consider the benefits as well as the risks when making a decision as to which job they wish to pursue. Depending on the job, the hours can often be long and tiring, while the experience and satisfaction that comes from handling delivery and being paid for it can be immeasurable.

No matter which career path is chosen, it’s vitally important that drivers remain informed and ensure their driving skills remain up to standard. Staying up to date with safety-related protocols, regulations, and driving best practices will go a long way toward helping drivers remain successful in their chosen profession.

Whether you’re a brand-new driver or an experienced veteran, the potential to earn a considerable salary in the trucking industry is there. Although each job varies in pay, it’s always a good idea to research the different types of jobs available and find out which ones pay the best – and the most.


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