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Truckers Ultimate Insurance

Ninja Betty's O/Os & Truckers Ultimate Insurance Ninjas!

What is a Truckers Ultimate Insurance?

It's coverage that keeps you happy, healthy, and on the road behind the wheel.

As an Owner-Operator, you have more responsibilities than the Average Joe!


Not only do you have to consider your's & your family's health and finances but ALSO your Business!


Your health and ability to stay out on the road are imperative to the growth and suitability of your business.

Injuries or sickness can keep you from being behind the wheel & if the wheels aren't turning the cash flow is stalled!


You don't want your family OR business finances at risk BUT you also don't want to spend unnecessary money on coverage!

D.O.T. Exclusive Options?

Our team will collect ALL your options from ALL insurance companies INCLUDING Exclusive options you MAY qualify for based on your Scheduled D.O.T. Physicals.

There's a NINJA for that!

Let us know if you'd like to explore the Exclusive D.O.T. options & include "when" your last D.O.T. Physical was AND when your next is due!