Truth About Travel Nurse Demand: How To Land High-Paying Jobs

Travel nurse demand down

October 2022 Monthly Chart This! Newsletter

Travel nurse demand in 2023 is expected to be DOWN – Get FIRST dibs now! BONUS: Congress is investigating travel nurse billing practices

🎃 Halloween’s right around the corner!  👻 Are YOU going to be working an assignment through the Holidays or taking some much-needed time off? Typically, the best contracts for the New Year go to those working over the Holidays.  So if you take another assignment this year, you just might set yourself up for an amazing 2023!

Did you know that Congress is considering Bills to Investigate 🏥 Travel Nurse business practices? Find out more & what it could mean for YOU here.

This month’s Featured “Ask Betty!” episode answers the often-asked question regarding the most important factors to consider with your health insurance. Watch everyone’s favorite Ninja answer that question HERE.

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You're a Nurse on the GO!  You need an Insurance team with the skills of Ninjas!

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