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A pumpkin a day keeps the Dr away! Aim carefully! 🎃 We’ve made it to the best time of year! Are you ready for the Holidays? Have you been satisfied with your Travel Agency this year?  If you’re looking for some fresh options, we’ve sourced you a list of the Top Travel Nurse Staffing Agencies in our featured episode (#68) of the Ninja News Flash. Watch the latest ⚡ Ninja News Flash here for full details!

We’ve observed the trend of so many Specialty medication’s pricing rising beyond the realms of “affordable” and insurance options are often just not enough for such medications as Ozempic, Humira, Aimovig, and many more.  These medications are usually prescribed to treat severe chronic conditions and often they can cost THOUSANDS each month. In this week’s episode of  “Ask Betty!” we provide you with a valuable resource that you can use to get these medications for $350 a year. 🧐 Find out more from everyone’s favorite Ninja… Ninja Betty! In an all-new episode of “Ask Betty!” 

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Health     Dental     Vision     Lapse Supplemental Short- & Long-Term Disability & Life

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