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Tele-Doctor Services
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Tele-Doctor Services: A+ Easy 24/7 Access to Drs & RX

Tele-Doctor Services

Ninja Betty's Tele-Doctor Services Tips!

Need an an RX for Yourself?

Tele-Doctor Services can be PERFECT for nurses who know exactly what’s ailing them and are quite sufficient in diagnosing their condition and really just need an easily accessible & affordable means to have prescriptions called into a nearby pharmacy.


There are several ways to do this affordably.  Without any advance enrollment, you can get one Tele-Dr visit for $82.  

Unlimited Family Use Only $25/month

For even MORE value, you can enroll in coverage that grants your ENTIRE FAMILY unlimited, 24/7 Tele-Dr Services for UNDER $25/month. 

Talk Therapy

And what if you needed visits for Mental Health/ Talk Therapy or even a dermatology video consult? 

You can get THREE free visits with a Talk Therapist every Calendar year.  And if you REALLY like Talk Therapy, you can CONTINUE our Talk Therapy for an affordable $99 an hour.

Best Value

Want the MOST value for your dollar?  Opt into coverage for Unlimited, 24/7 Tele-Dr services, Talk Therapy AND get Lapse Supplemental benefits for INJURIES or HOSPITALIZATION and AD&D coverage for UNDER $99 per family!

Video Dermatology

You can also take advantage of Video Dermatology visits for $59.