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Employer Overcharging for Family?

Most hospitals provide excellent insurance benefits at very little cost – for the Nurse. Now, for the nurse’s family, that’s another story!



Coverage might only be $75 a month for the Employee BUT add a 29y ear old spouse and the price goes up to $600 a month!

Have a spouse AND kids on an Employer plan? Be prepared for some serious sticker shock. Family rates with most hospitals are more than most mortgages.


The reason this happens is that the way the law is currently written, any Employer who offers insurance MUST pay a minimum of 50% of the cost of the EMPLOYEE'S coverage.


But employers do NOT have to contribute to family members’ coverage & by far, most employees contribute ZERO dollars towards any family member’s health coverage. This means that most employers grossly overcharge for the health coverage of family members.

Insurance Ninjas to the Rescue!

A common solution to this problem is to split the family’s coverage.

Don’t leave free money on the table! Keep the nurse on the hospital’s coverage & let them pay for ...

There's a NINJA for that!

 the vast majority of the nurse’s coverage BUT move the rest of the family to a much more affordable option.

And new laws enacted in 2023 now give employees and their families the ability to have their employer’s health insurance deemed “unaffordable” providing the employee with recourse & additional options for more affordable coverage.