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Remote Nursing Jobs: Where To Find The Best Positions

Remote nursing jobs are highly sought after these days, presenting a unique set of opportunities for nurses to pursue from the comfort of home. Working remotely offers nurses the ability to gain valuable experience while still providing the same level of care to their patients as provided in a traditional onsite setting. According to an article published on, there are five major categories of remote nursing jobs.

According to: and Remote Nursing Jobs

Remote Nursing Job #1: Case Management

Case Management presents an opportunity for nurses with specialized skills and extensive experience to handle longterm and shortterm disability patients, collaborate with physicians and employers, and negotiate insurance claims. Since most of the work can be done over the phone or via email, this type of remote nursing job would be perfect for nurses who are keenly familiar with the healthcare industry.

Remote Nursing Job #2: Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims is another potential remote nursing job. Nurses in this role are tasked with examining and investigating insurance claims to determine which procedures are covered and which are not. Here, nurses backgrounds and experiences in nursing can empower them to make decisions in the best interests of everyone involved: the patients, the medical providers, and the insurance companies.

Remote Nursing Job #3: Telephone Triage Nurse

Telephone Triage was once the domain of onsite clinic and hospital nurses, but now some national companies are hiring telephonic nurses to help their customers. These remote nurses have the unique opportunity to help patients by answering questions that may otherwise require an onsite visit.

Remote Nursing Job #4: Health Informatics

Health Informatics is a rapidly growing area for nurses one that does not require them to be present with the patient or in a conventional office setting. In this role, nurses help build databases that track patient outcomes. This remote nursing job does require nurses to stay up to date on the rapidly changing field, however, there is plenty of room to explore and grow ones career.

Remote Nursing Job #5: Call Center Nurse

The final remote nursing job we’ll explore today is that of a Call Center Nurse. This position does not require a nurse to have as much nursing experience as the others mentioned, and it does not involve direct patient care. Rather, the remote nurse in this role would be in charge of taking direct calls to the appropriate parties.

Exploring the World of Remote Nursing Jobs

Whether it is Case Management, Insurance Claims, Telephone Triage, Health Informatics or working as a Call Center Nurse, remote nursing jobs offer something for everyone. While other medical professionals may be worried about coronavirus and the potential complications of inperson patient interface, remote nursing jobs can help keep nurses safe from potential exposure while still allowing them to provide quality care. Remote nursing jobs provide a unique set of opportunities that can benefit both the patient and the nurse, so why wait? Explore these jobs and make use of the wide array of resources available to nurses, like, so you can make informed decisions about the best way forward in your remote nursing career.


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