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Per Diem Nursing: Pros & Cons & What You Need to Know

Are you interested in Per Diem Nursing? Working in this fashion means you are an ondemand nurse, and it is definitely becoming a more popular field with the fluctuating needs in healthcare. However, working as a per diem nurse has its pros and cons and its important to understand them before you begin looking for a job.

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Per Diem Nursing

The Pros of Per Diem Nursing

Per Diem Nursing definitely has its advantages, as it allows you a greater degree of freedom and flexibility than a traditional nursing job. Since youre not tied to one employer or work site, you can pick and choose which jobs you take and when, so you can set your own schedule and take time off when needed. Additionally, because youre not tied to one employer, you can easily switch jobs if you ever decide youre not getting enough hours or need to increase your rate.

Per Diem Nursing Puts Time in YOUR Hands

With Per Diem Nursing, you can also pick up more unusual hours, such as night shifts in the ER or weekend shifts. This means you can make more money by taking on holidays and weekend shifts when you may have more free time. And, because youre working as an independent contractor, you dont have to worry about a lot of the typical labor laws that may otherwise apply.

Finally, it can be an easy way to make extra money or supplement your income if youre interested in nursing, but dont want to work fulltime. You can pick up jobs when it suits your schedule, so its easy to obtain the income you need.

The Cons of Per Diem Nursing

Though there are plenty of advantages to working as a per diem nurse, it also has its drawbacks. There may be more financial risk involved, for one. Per diem nurses do not typically receive the same health or unemployment insurance that regular nurses are provided. Additionally, because youre not working on a fulltime basis, you may not build your resume or receive any benefits.

Per Diem Nursing Makes YOU the Boss

Also, since youre an independent contractor and dont work for one particular employer, you may not get the same protection that traditional nurses receive. You may not get the same respect from other nurses, as they may view you as someone who is justpassing through, and as such, may not make the effort to get to know you.

Finally, you may be unable to join unions or accreditations, as most of those are reserved for fulltime nurses. This can limit your ability to attract new employers and may make it more difficult to negotiate for higher pay.

Understand All the Pros & Cons of Per Diem Nursing

Working as a per diem nurse definitely has its pros and cons. It can offer more flexibility and freedom than traditional nursing jobs, but can also carry some financial and career risks. Before diving into a career as a per diem nurse, its important to consider all the Pros and Cons so you can make an informed decision.


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