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Per Diem Nursing: How To Maximize Earnings in 2023

The need for Per Diem nurses is increasing and a trend in the nursing sector has taken over from traditionally fulltime nurses. This means a decrease in pay for travel nurses as hospitals have less financial incentives to compensate them with higher salaries.

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While Per Diem Pay & Opps Rise the Bottom Drops for Travel Nurse Jobs

Despite this decreasing pay for Travelers, Per Diem jobs are a great option for nurses and facilities alike. It provides a flexible gig economy job with even better pay that can be promised through choosing certain shifts or gaining experience in a specialized field.

Depleted COVID Funding Results in 9% Spike in Per Diem Opportunities

As with many industries, the financial burden of the COVID19 pandemic has had a major impact on how much travel nurses are paid, with hospitals running out of subsidy coverage. This has caused an increased demand for Per Diem nurses who can take advantage of the increased job flexibility and higher pay.

Statistics regarding the future of Per Diem nursing are positive, with the industry predicted to grow 9% until 2023. This is great news for those interested in pursuing Per Diem work as they are likely to receive an attractive salary, with the opportunity to work in a variety of nursing branches.

Perks of Per Diem Include Higher Pay & Flexible Schedules

The current outlook of Per Diem nursing shows that it provides MUCH higher pay than traditional travel nursing jobs. Additionally, the choices of more flexible working hours as well as the fact that hospitals do not need to provide employee benefits are a huge attraction for those considering this job.

Per Diem Great for Hospitals, Even Better for Nurses

Per Diem Nursing is an attractive option for nurses, as it helps them expand their experience with higher pay, while hospitals will benefit from accessing the best available nursing talent in the healthcare sector. In order to keep their costs low, hospitals will only need to fill shifts with necessary personnel as opposed to having to hire more permanent staff.

Nurses are set to benefit greatly from the increasing interest in Per Diem jobs. Not only will they receive higher pay, but they will also be able to move between branches, gaining more experience in different fields, ultimately helping them become more competitive in the job market.

Per Diem Jobs Picking Up Where Travel Jobs Are Lost

Per Diem jobs are increasing in the nursing sector due to travel nurses seeing a pay decrease. This is due to the financial implications of the pandemic leading to subsidies decreasing. Despite this, Per Diem jobs are an attractive option for both nurses and facilities due to higher pay and flexible working times.

Is Per Diem the Nursing Opportunity for You?

The outlook for per diem nursing is positive, with the industry likely to grow 9% until 2023 and an increase in salaries. Nurses can take advantage of higher pay from certain shifts as well as the ability to gain more experience in different branches. The benefits for hospitals in using per diem nurses include saving time and money, with the ability to only hireondemand personnel.

Per Diem Nursing is a great way for nurses to expand their experience in the sector, while hospitals will benefit by being able to access the best available nursing talent in the healthcare sector. As the interest in per diem jobs continues to increase, nurses can take advantage of the higher pay and flexible working hours that the job provides.


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