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Nurses Predict 2023: A Year of Worthy Hurdles & Growth

Nurses Predict 2023 to have a lot of ups and downs.  Big surprise, huh?  While the global pandemic has had an effect on the healthcare industry in various ways, the most successful organizations are making sure that they‘re prepared for the future. With that in mind, let‘s take a look at five predictions from nurses about the year 2023.

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First Nurses Predict 2023 Job Growth

First, nurses predict 2023 will show job growth in the nursing field will continue to rise. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing has reported that 91,938 qualified applicants were turned away from baccalaureate nursing programs in the 20212022 school year.

Over the next few years, were likely to see colleges of nursing launch more creative clinical opportunities in order to address the nursing shortage.

Staffing Shortages Also Noted in What Nurses Predict for 2023

Nurses also predict in 2023 the nursing shortage will be the focus of many initiatives for the year. Organizations such as the U.S. Department of Labor are expected to allot more of their budget towards increasing the number of nursing faculty and supporting more nurses entering nursing programs.

Investing in nursing education will help create more nurses, while increasing pay and establishing safer nursetopatient ratios will help to motivate nurses to stay in the profession.

How Nurse Predict 2023 Funding

Third, nurses predict 2023 will see increased funding that will impact the way healthcare staff is managed in 2023. In just two months, the U.S. Department of Labor announced $80 million in grants to increase the number of nursing faculty and support more nurses entering nursing programs.

With the extra funding, organizations will need to come up with creative strategies for attracting more nurses into their programs and building longterm community partnerships.

What Nurses Predict 2023 Brings Travel & Per Diem Staff

Fourth, nurses predict 2023 to show travel nursing and per diem staffing to continue to be relied on heavily in 2023. With the rise in salaries for travel nurses, many nurses are forgoing fulltime employment in order to make more as a traveler.

This has put the alreadystrained healthcare system in financial jeopardy while also posing a risk to patients lives. But with the higher salaries and the range of skills and expertise traveling nurses offer, theyre a valuable asset to any hospital.

Many Nurses Predict 2023 the Year to Address Healthcare Worker's Mental Health

Finally, nurses predict 2023 to include a renewed focus on nursing mental health. Stress, fatigue, and burnout have caused many nurses to bail on their fulltime positions in the past year.

To help those on the brink of total burnout, various organizations and companies are developing virtual therapy programs and mobile apps designed to help nurses improve their sleep quality, meditate, journal, or express gratitude. These programs and apps can be lifesaving and can help protect the mental health of nurses around the world.

Nurses Predict 2023 to be Unpredictable?

Overall, 2023 is likely to be an exciting, if a bit unpredictable, year for the healthcare industry and its nurses. With the efforts of innovative organizations and sufficient funding, we can expect to see more creative clinical strategies, increased nursetopatient ratios, and improved mental wellness.

All of these predictions and initiatives put in place over the next year should make the nursing profession more attractive to potential new nurses as well as current nurses looking for better opportunities.

Nurses Can Predict 2023 But Let's Stay Flexible & Informed

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, nurses will need to stay informed of the changes and be prepared to meet the challenges of the future. With the predictions listed above, nurses can be sure that their profession will remain just as important and valued as it is now in the years to come.


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