Late Health Insurance Payments: What You Need to Know

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What happens if I’m late with my health insurance payment?

Late Health Insurance Payments & Grace Periods

So, what happens if you’re late with your health insurance payment? Well, don’t worry too much because all policies offer a grace period of 1-3 months to bring your payments up to date.

Marketplace Tax Credits More Lenient With Late Health Insurance Payments

Typically, most policies allow for only 1 month, but if you use subsidies on the Marketplace, you may be granted up to 3 months

Late Health Insurance Payments with Ask Betty

Coverage Is NOT In Effect Until Payments Are Current

It’s important to note that if you become sick or injured during this grace period and your payments are not brought up to date, your medical expenses will not be covered.

Late Health Insurance Payments Can Be Rectified

But no need to panic! You’ve got this under control now. Making timely payments should be your priority going forward. We believe in you!

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