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Lapse Supplemental Insurance – solutions for Contract Workers.

At “Ask Betty!”, our mission is to provide you with resources and information to help YOU make smart decisions about YOUR healthcare. So, lets dive in to this weeks question that was sent in by S_simpson_RN & takes on the topic of Lapse Supplemental Insurance.

Q from YOU to Ninja HQ

“Would lapse supplemental insurance work when I’m between assignments?”

Fill Gaps in Coverage with Lapse Supplemental Insurance

Let‘s talk about Lapse Supplemental Insurance. It‘s a great way for healthcare professionals and have Agency Coverage, to fill those gaps of coverage that may occur between their agency‘s coverage and their new assignment.

What is Lapse Supplemental Insurance? It’s a policy that can provide coverage during the gaps between Agency coverage that may occur from time to time. So if you take a break between assignments, experience a delay in getting your Agency Policy to kick in, or if your Agency won‘t provide coverage for a particular assignment, Lapse Supplemental Insurance can be there to fill those gaps.

Lapse Supplemental Insurance is Both Affordable & High in Value

The great news is that Lapse Supplemental Insurance is very affordable and it is surprisingly comprehensive. You can usually get coverage that will pay for your Agency‘s Deductible, CoInsurance, and MaxoutofPocket in the event of an injury while on Assignment.

Lapse Supplemental Insurnace Explaining

There's a Wide Range of Benefits with Lapse Supplemental Insurance

Lapse Supplemental Insurance typically has a surprisingly high value, especially considering you can cover an entire family for UNDER $100 a month.

Some of the benefits included are unlimited, 24/7 MDLive, coverage for injuries, lost wages due to hospital confinement, AD&D and more.

Eliminate Out-of-Pocket Expenses With Lapse Supplemental Insurance

Something that brings TONS of value to Lapse Supplemental Insurance is it will even pay your Employer’s or Agency’s Deductible, Co-Insurance, AND Max-out-of-Pocket, should you experience an injury while on their plan too.

In this scenario, any type of injury you should experience would cost you a flat $500, and and as mentioned, not only would the Lapse Supplemental Insurance pay your main insurance policy’s Deductible, but ALSO the Max-out-of-Pocket.  That’s some serious value!

Erase Gaps in Coverage With Lapse Supplemental Insurance

If you experience periodic lapses in your health insurance, Lapse Supplemental Insurance is definitely worth looking into.

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