Do You Know Why Health Insurance Agents Are Valuable?

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Are you looking for an easy way to get the best insurance plan for you or your family? If so, Ninja Betty has the answer for you!

In this weeks episode ofAsk Betty!, Episode 141, we explore the benefits of using a licensed agent for your health insurance.

Q from YOU to Ninja HQ

“What advantages are there to using a licensed agent for your health insurance? Heck for an ACA plan can’t I just enroll myself? Why should I pay more to use an agent?”

Health Insureance Agents: Why You Should Use One.

First - More Options Reside with Health Insurance Agents

Ninja Betty has some great answers for Crystal_Clear_RN’s question. To begin with, agents have access to a wider selection of plans that consumers do not. With an agent, you can find a plan that is perfect for YOUR needs.

Why limit yourself to ONLY the options YOU can see – take advantage of the License of a health insurance agent & you open a lot of doors to MANY options you didn’t know existed.

Second - Health Insurance Agents Eliminate Tax Risks & Provide Policy Insights

Additionally, agents can make sure your application for an ACA plan is compliant with all IRS regulations, which eliminates the worry of an IRS audit or tax penalty. This way, you can get the best deal while being certain that your application is correct.
And how better to understand the benefits of policies than someone who has to maintaining licensing, certifications, & trainings on all types of policies to navigate the slew of options to find the BEST option for YOUR specific needs than a Lincensed health insurance agent?
All About Health Insurance Agents

THIRD - Health Insurance Agents Are FREE to You

Like Crystal_Clear_RN, you may be wondering why you should choose to use an agent if you can save money by enrolling yourself. Well, here’s the best PERK – there are NEVER added fees or costs of any kind for using a licensed agent. Furthermore, your rates NOR benefits cannot be affected in any way!
By using a licensed agent, you can also rest assured that you are getting the right coverage for you and your family, as agents are experts who know the ins and outs of health insurance. You can trust that a licensed agent will be able to answer even the most difficult of your insurance-related questions.

Now - Health Insurance Agent OR Health Insurance NINJA?

And why settle for just “any” licensed insurance agent, when you can have an Insurance Ninja report directly to you ALL your options from every insurance company in your area & help you narrow down & determine the best option to fit YOUR needs?

Thanks for tuning in to Episode 141 of “Ask Betty!” 

I hope this helps you on your journey to understanding why it’s advantageous to take advantage of licensed insurance agents.

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