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Free Staffing Agency Plan Reviews: What You Need to Know

Why do we provide FREE Staffing Agency Plan Reviews?

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a Recruiter willing to go over their Agency’s health insurance benefits.  This is because they are not licensed in insurance & could potentially be sued for providing you with information.

That is EXACTLY what all our NInjas are licensed to do!

PLUS since we’ve been working with Recruiters & Agencies for so many years, we have most major staffing agencies benefits in-house.

Ninja Betty's Unlimited Free Staffing Agency Plan Reviews!

Free Staffing Agency Plan Reviews

Recruiter Mum on Insurance Details?

If you’re an experienced travel nurse, you’re familiar with the sounds of crickets that you hear every time you try to get a Recruiter to give you details on their Staffing Agency’s benefits.  Recruiters will typically avoid answering any questions on health insurance at all.

Legality Issues

They are actually trained to do this because they are not LICENSED to speak about insurance benefits and risk potential lawsuits for talking about insurance.

Overpriced Family Coverage

Well, that’s EXACTLY what our “Ninjas” ARE licensed for! 

And we’ve been working with travel nurses & staffing agencies for so long that we already have all the major staffing agencies’ benefits readily available.

YOUR Agency's Benefits

We can easily advise you on exactly what a specific agency’s benefits will cost you and how they will or won’t work for you.

Multiple Staffing Agency Options

Most agencies offer more than one option and in those cases, we can help you best determine which suits your needs best at the lowest cost.

Whenever You Consider A New Agency

This information is also included in our personalized Cost Comparison Analysis Reports but travel nurses are always welcomed to schedule a free Staffing Agency Plan Review anytime and as many times throughout the year as needed. 

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