Dental Insurance & Orthodontics: Everything You Need to Know

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 It’s never too early to start thinking about dental insurance, especially when it comes to Orthodontics!

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I’ve just learned that in 2 years, my daughter will likely need braces. How long can I put off getting dental insurance?

Michelle's Orthodontics Question

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Dental Insurance Can Cover Much of the Cost of Orthdontics

Now, let’s address Michelle’s concern about her daughter’s need for Orthodontics in two years. Dental expenses can be quite costly, especially when it comes to orthodontics. For coverage that includes braces, you’ll need a traditional dental plan similar to what employers offer. It’s important to note that discount dental plans do not cover orthodontics.

Dental Insurance and Orthodontics

Factors for Orthodontics with Dental Insurance

Here’s the catch – all traditional dental plans come with a 12-month waiting period for braces. Additionally, we should aim for coverage that includes at least 70% of the cost. If you already have a specific orthodontist in mind, we’ll need to determine which carriers they are contracted with to ensure compatibility.

With Orthodontics You Have to Plan Early

Ideally, it would be best to have coverage in place at least ONE year before your daughter needs the treatment. However, sometimes orthodontic needs emerge sooner than expected!

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