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In the Spotlight: Congress Probes Travel Nurse Agencies

Hospices are pushing Congress to enact the Travel Nursing Agency Transparency Study Act in order to protect against price gouging & ensure the costs of supplementing their workforce remain sustainable. The act would instruct the GAO to examine travel nursing agency pricing & determine if these practices contribute to workforce shortages & patient care.

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Hospice News- Congress Probes Travel Nurse Agencies

Congress Pressed to Enact the Travel Nursing Agency Transparency Study Act

If the act passes, the GAO will have access to records & pricing information from all travel nursing agencies. It could facilitate regulations that would limit aggressive business tactics & make rates more sustainable & transparent. In addition, data from the GAO investigation could help healthcare organizations determine how to better plan for & manage workforce shortages, preserving patient care & minimizing costs.

The Travel Nursing Agency Transparency Study Act has been gaining traction in Congress, & support from the hospice industry has been strong. Proponents of this bill believe that it could help to improve the longterm sustainability & affordability of the travel nursing labor force.

Travel Nurse Agencies a Vital Component in Healthcare System

The travel nursing industry is vital to providing care for hospices & other healthcare organizations. Hospital and longterm care facilities often cannot find enough nurses to cover their staffing needs. One of the most affordable and effective ways for them to supplement their need for nurses is by using a travel nurse agency. This type of agency helps match qualified nurses with short-term nursing jobs at hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities.

Travel nurse agencies provide numerous benefits to both healthcare facilities and nurses. For example, they are able to provide nursing assignments on much shorter notice which can be essential when experiencing a staffing shortage. This also helps keep the facility running smoothly by reducing the potential for lapses in patient care.

Travel Nurse Agencies Are Excellent Resources for Nurses

Travel nurse agencies provide nurses with an opportunity to work in exciting locations and unique settings that they may not have had access to in a permanent position. This allows them to travel and experience different work environments while still working in a stable, professional setting. In addition, nurses are often able to make more money with travel nursing jobs than with a traditional, permanent position.

Congress Considering Legislation to Review Travel Nurse Agencies Practices

As Congress continues to consider the Travel Nursing Agency Transparency Study Act, it is clear that they recognize the need for improved regulation within the travel nursing industry. It is essential that the legislation be enacted in order to ensure that travel nurse agencies practice ethically and are transparent about their pricing and practices. With this new transparency, healthcare facilities will be better able to find the travel nurses they need without having to worry about hidden costs or being taken advantage of.

Congress Pressed to Enforce Business Transparency From Travel Nurse Agencies

The Travel Nursing Agency Transparency Study Act would be a great step towards ensuring transparency within the travel nursing industry. Not only does this bill have the potential to reduce cost and improve quality, but it could also protect nurses from being taken advantage of by dishonest agencies. The ability to find qualified nurses quickly and affordably is essential, and the proposed study will be invaluable to the future of travel nursing and health care.


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