Choose the Best Health Insurance: 3 Important Factors

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Welcome this week’s episode of Ask Betty! where everyone’s favorite Ninja answers another crowd-sources question about Health Insurance!

Finding the best health insurance for you and your family can be a complicated and timeconsuming process. There are a variety of factors you should consider, including these 3 MOST important factors.

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“When choosing the best health insurance, what are the important numbers to know?”

Ninja Betty Informs on the Best Health Insurance Factors

Ninja Betty is here to help you make sense of complicated health insurance concepts such as the monthly premium, deductible, and maxoutofpocket which are the three most important numbers to know if you‘re choosing a health insurance plan.

Factor 1 of the Best Health Insurance: Monthly Premium

The monthly premium is the amount of money you will pay each month for your health insurance plan. When choosing a plan, it’s important to make sure you can afford the monthly premium. There are a variety of plans to choose from, and the monthly premium will vary based on the coverage and features you choose. You may also be eligible for a subsidy or tax credits that can lower the monthly premium on your health insurance plan.

Best Health Insurance per the Ninja Betty

Factor 2 to Finding the Best Health Insurance - the Deductible

The deductible is the amount of money you need to pay before your insurance company will start paying out for your medical expenses. The deductible can range from $0-$9100. If you have a low-premium plan, it may have a higher deductible. It’s important to understand the deductible so you can make sure you have enough money saved or budgeted to cover the deductible should you need to.

The Final Key to the Best Health Insurance - the Max-out-of-Pocket

The max-out-of-pocket is the maximum amount of money you need to pay out in a year for out-of-pocket medical expenses (not including the monthly premium). Once you have paid the max-out-of-pocket, the insurance company will pay 100% of your medical expenses for the rest of the year. The max-out-of-pocket can range from several hundred dollars to $8900 (for 2022) depending on the plan.

Find the BEST Health Insurance for YOUR Needs

It can be difficult to find the right health insurance plan and understand all of the numbers. That’s why we always recommended you speak to a Health Insurance Ninja. They will be able to help you understand your options and compare different plans to see which one is the BEST fit for you. They can also help you understand any additional costs associated with the plan and help you figure out if you are eligible for any financial assistance.
So when it comes to choosing the best health insurance plan, understanding the three main numbers—monthly premium, deductible, and max-out-of-pocket—is key. Comparing your options and speaking to a Health Insurance Ninja will help you make an informed decision and ensure that you have the right coverage for you and your family.
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