Affordable Ozempic and Humira: What You Need to Know

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Ozempic and Humira are EXPENSIVE!

Welcome to this week’s episode of “Ask Betty!”, where all your health insurance questions are answered by everyone’s favorite Ninja, Ninja Betty! We want to thank Becca_Hijinks for submitting such a great question, and as a token of our appreciation, we’ve sent her a $25 Amazon gift card. Thank you again, Becca_Hijinks!

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We need help! I take Humira & my husband takes Ozempic. Even WITH insurance, they’re costing over $1K a MONTH!

Even WITH Insurance Ozempic and Humira Are Costly

Becca_Hijinks is facing a common issue that many people experience – the high cost of specialty medications, like Ozempic and Humira.

However, there is hope! While these medications can be quite expensive and do not have generic alternatives, we at The Health Insurance Ninjas have an arsenal of resources to help.

Mail-Order Programs Are One Solution for Ozempic and Humira

One option we recommend for Ozempic and Humira (and many other Specialty medicines) is exploring is mail-order programs. These programs can often provide significant cost savings and convenience for obtaining your medications.

Most Specialty medications can be obtain via mail-order and you get three months supply for the cost of one month.

Ozempic and Humira Resources

Even Better Pricing Can Be Found for ANNUAL Purchases

Additionally, in many cases, we can secure these Specialty medications, like Ozempic and Humira for as little as $350 for a year’s supply!  An entire YEAR’S worth of your medication!

But wait!  There’s more.  There are even further discounts if you and or  your family need multiple Specialty medications.

Ozempic and Humira + More Have Affordable Resources

Becca_Hijinks, we’re glad we could provide you with a solution for Ozempic and Humira that brings relief AND saves you money. Your enthusiasm and satisfaction truly make our day! Don’t forget to schedule an appointment to further discuss your options.

It Takes the Skills of Ninja to Warehouse These Resources

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