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17 Tips For New Nurses & PRNs: A Comprehensive Review

Tips for New Nurses can be huge! Being a new nurse in travel or per diem, and especially one in a brand-new facility, can be both exciting and daunting. Achieving success doesn’t have to be a mystery – you can be guided by a list of tips for new nurses.

To ensure a successful first day and to enable you to thrive in your position, here are the top five tips for new nurses.

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#1 Tip for New Nurses

The first big Tip for New Nurses is prepare, prepare, & then prepare.

The first day at any new job can be daunting, especially when you’re a nurse working in a new medical facility.

To best prepare for your first shift, identify who you must meet and what time you must clock in prior to your arrival, get a good night’s sleep the night before to improve your mental function, and plan a self-care activity to reward your hard work after your shift.

#2 Tip for New Nurses

The next big Tip for New Nurses is to communicate openly!

Even experienced nurses can benefit from over-communicating with a new medical team. Be upfront about goals and what you need to thrive, be frank about limitations, complications, or negative feelings before clocking in, and speak up if you don’t understand instructions or a new process.

#3 Tip for New Nurses

Possibly an unexpected Tip for New Nurses is to connect with your community.

Making an effort to share rapport (or a snack) with fellow medical staff can create a welcoming workplace.

Print business cards to share a bit about yourself and your goals, ask colleagues to be part of your skills development and set weekly socializing goals like asking one new person to join you for lunch.

#4 Tip for New Nurses

Here’s a great Tip for New Nurses; live both as a tourist and a local. Live Like a Local: Don’t forget to make time for yourself! When in a new community, take time to read local newspapers and join Facebook groups featuring local attractions.

Have a go at seasonal celebrations, festivals, and traditions, as well as taste the best in local cuisine and restaurants.

#5 Tip for New Nurses

This Tip for New Nurses might seem obvious – but still needs to be mentioned.  Stay on top of your paycheck!

When you’re working as a travel nurse, it’s critical to understand exactly how you’ll be paid. Confirm standard and overtime pay rates, when you’ll receive your first paycheck and subsequent payment schedules, and travel and housing payment amounts and timing.

Some Final Tips for New Nurses

As a new nurse in travel or per diem, keep these tips in the back of your mind. Before embarking on your next assignment, make sure to read the complete article, 17 Tips for New Nurses in Travel & Per Diem, for FULL details and more resources! With these tips to keep you thriving, you can be confident in your nursing game.


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